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History Overview

Rectors of St Mary-le-Bow

Name (date appointed) Patron

27. John Young, Later Rector of St Stephen Walbrook, Rector of St Magnus the Martyr,
  Dean of York and Master of the Rolls (19th March 1504) Canterbury

28. Thomas Wadyngton, Later Chancellor of Worcester (13th May 1514) Canterbury

29. John Cockys (29th September 1522) Canterbury

30. John Joseph (20th October 1546) (Deprived) Canterbury

31. Maurice Gittins (29th August 1554) Mary I

32. Robert Coles, Later Rector of All Hallows Bread Street (23rd December 1559) Canterbury

33. Thomas Ware (8th May 1577) Canterbury

34. Humphrey Cole (8th December 1584) Canterbury

35. George Dickens (10th May 1588) Canterbury

36. Martin Fotherby, Later Dean of Canterbury, Chaplain to James I, Bishop of Salisbury
  (20th June 1595) Canterbury

37. Nicholas Felton, Later Bishop of Bristol and Bishop of Ely (17th January 1595) Canterbury
38. Jeremiah Leech (28th April 1617) Canterbury

39. Thomas Rutton (1st July 1644) No Record

40. George Smallwood (16th October 1662) Canterbury

41. Timothy Puller (23rd September 1679) Canterbury

42. Samuel Bradford, Later Chaplain to William III and then to Anne, Dean of Westminster, Bishop of Carlisle,
  Bishop of Rochester (21st November 1693) Canterbury
43. Samuel Lisle, Later Bishop of Norwich (10th July 1720) George I

44. Thomas Newton, Later Bishop of Bristol and Dean of St Paul’s (16th April 1744)  George II

45. William Backhouse, Also Archdeacon of Canterbury (22nd April 1769) Canterbury

46. William Sclater (26th June 1771) Grocers’ Company

47. East Apthorpe (7th March 1778) Canterbury

48. Griffith Griffith (8th November 1792) Canterbury

49. William van Mildert, Later Bishop of Llandaff and last Prince-Bishop of Durham
  (12th October 1796) Grocers’ Company
50. Anthony Hamilton (2nd September 1820) Canterbury

51. Marshall Hall Vine (7th November 1851) Canterbury

52. Arthur George Warner (10th October 1887) Grocers’ Company
53. Arthur Woolaston Hutton (1903) Canterbury

54. J.H.B. Masterman (1912) Canterbury

55. Gordon Ponsonby, Later Chancellor of Exeter Cathedral and Chaplain to the Bishop of Exeter
  (1933) Grocers’ Company

56. Frederick Charles Baker (1948) Canterbury

57. Hugh Alexander Evan Hopkins (22nd June 1955) Grocers’ Company

58. Joseph McCulloch (25th September 1959) Canterbury

59. Gerald Hudson (5th March 1980) Canterbury

60. Victor Andrew Stock, Later Dean of Guildford (July 1986) Grocers' Company
61. George Raymond Bush (3rd December 2002) Canterbury