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50th Anniversary Service of commemoration

Choral Evensong 11th June 2014

150 people filled St Mary-le-Bow for this service of choral evensong on the 50th anniversary of the reconsecration of the church. The Bishop of London was the preacher. A reception followed at Grocers' Hall at the generous invitation of the Master and Wardens.
Photos © Rob Stead |

priests 01 LR
sanctuary party LR
Stefan Koschek LR
Hannah Tillyer 01 LR
Rector 02 LR
+ Angaelos 01 LR
congregation 03 LR
congregation 02 LR
congregation 04 LR
congregation 01 LR
+ London 01 LR
Alan Hovell 01 LR
choir 01 LR
Pearlies LR
Cressey LR
Beadle & Rector LR
Rector LR
Master G LR
Manns & Evans LR
Grocers' Hall LR
Power & Norman LR
Lyon & Lawrence LR
Power Thomas Norman LR
Master C LR
Manns & Evans LR
Master G, GB, Master FM LR
pearlies 01 LR
Russell & Golding LR
Burleigh LR
Harry Rosamond Aiden LR
Chapman & Russell LR
Gillon, Golding, Lawrence LR
Wainwright & Hedley LR
Pearlies 02 LR
Master FM, Master IB & husband LR
Duffy LR
Snyder + London LR

50th Anniversary Lecture on the Blitz by Juliet Gardiner

27th May 2014

Historian and author Juliet Gardiner gave a lecture entitled 'City churches on the front line: the Blitz and its impact', to an audience of around 100 people.

The Rector gave an introduction, placing St Mary-le-Bow in the context of the Blitz. The lecture was followed by a book signing in collaboration with Daunt Books.

Gardiner signing
Gardiner lecture
Gardiner audience