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Our Parish

St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside EC2

The Church of England has responsibility for the pastoral and spiritual care of everyone living in the country, regardless of the individuals' beliefs or faith commitments. Geographical parishes guarantee this universal 'cure of souls' and St Mary-le-Bow honours the obligations of its distinctive parish ministry by engaging with the businesses of the area.
The map shows the area of the City that falls within the parish of
St Mary-le-Bow.

The present Rector

The Revd George R. Bush has been Rector of St Mary-le-Bow since 2002.

Born in London, he trained for ordination at Ripon College Cuddesdon and (briefly) at United Theological College, Bangalore. His academic interests spanned theology, history, canon law and history of art. He was ordained in 1985 to a parish - St Aidan’s - in inner-city Leeds.

He was then student Chaplain of St John’s College, Cambridge, before returning to London, first as Vicar of St Anne’s Hoxton in the East End but north of the City, and now Rector of St Mary-le-Bow.

He is a Past President of Sion College, and trustee of a number of charities, comprehending his interests in social housing, FairTrade and social investment. During 2012-13 he was a Chaplain to the Rt Hon. the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Roger Gifford. He is a Patron of the World Marmalade Festival.

Rector by George Layne 2014 LR