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Previously at St Mary-le-Bow

JS 2017 series

24th October at 6.00pm at All Hallows by the Tower

'Ethical emplyment practices at home and abroad'

A panel will consider: How can companies ensure that the employees throughout their supply chain are being treated fairly? Does international ethical employment naturally follow on from fair treatment of employees at home?
watch a video here

07.10.17 A3

7th October at 7.30pm

The Academy of St Mary-le-Bow

The Academy of St Mary-le-Bow performed a progamme featuring orchestral works by Delius, Debussy and Britten.

Vincent de Paul

27th September at 5.45pm

Choral Evensong

On the feast of St Vincent de Paul, we welcomed members of Lloyd's Choir to sing Choral Evensong. We also welcomed members of the Order of Australia Association. Music included works by Smith, Purcell and Gibbons.


24th September at 3.00pm

The Costermongers' Harvest Festival

We welcomed the Pearly Kings and Queens and Mayors from many of London's boroughs for the annual Costermongers' Harvest Festival. The Bishop of Stepney preached.