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Previously at St Mary-le-Bow

We welcomed around a thousand people to St Mary-le-Bow during Open House weekend and took 200 people on guided tours of the church and crypt.

Thanks to the many volunteers who helped.

JS 2017 series

13th September 6.00pm at St James's Piccadilly

'Ethical business practice in a post-truth world'

Last year the Oxford Dictionaries named ‘post-truth’ as the Word of the Year. When facts are no longer considered important, where do international businesses stand?

#posttruth #comms

News from the Parochial Church Council July 2017

At a recent meeting of the PCC, business transacted included the following*

Common Fund Payment 2018
A payment to the Common Fund for 2018 of £69,800 plus c.£1,000 was approved.

Emergency lighting maintenance
The current emergency lighting system in the Tower will be renewed at a cost of c.£1,000 plus VAT.

Works to the Tower
The PCC submitted a resolution to the Consistory Court of the Diocese of London to carry out remedial works to tower masonry in 2018. A significant proportion of the costs of repair will be funded by the City Churches Grants Committee. Other funding bodies are being approached.

Mission Action Plan
The Churchwardens and Parish Ordinand have met to discuss a framework for the Church’s Mission Action Plan over the next five years. The prime aim is to review how the church operates in all its aspects including its mission, values, character and branding.

Marylebone Scriptural Reasoning
Scriptural Reasoning (SR) is a practice of interfaith text study. Small groups of Jews, Christians and Muslims, and sometimes people of other faiths, gather together to read short passages from their scriptures, study them and discuss their personal, subjective responses to them in a respectful way. An evening will be hosted here on 26th September at 6.30pm.

Equal Marriage
There is to be a further report on the issue to the General Synod from the Bishops in three years’ time. It was agreed to hold a debate on the issue and that this would be open to all on the Electoral Roll.

* unconfirmed abstract


29th July 7.30pm at St James's Piccadilly

The Academy of St Mary-le-Bow

Orchestral music by

Mendelssohn and Beethoven