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4th April at 6.05pm

News from the Parochial Church Council March 2017

At a recent meeting of the PCC, business transacted included the following*

Following the success of the JustWater launch dinner held in the church recently, and the relative ease with which the space was reconfigured, the PCC may explore the idea of hosting further events as a means of raising funds to support the work of JustShare. We might possibly host a charity dinner in support of Toilet Twinning, and perhaps a commercial drinks reception.

The church’s Mission Action Plan (which maps out our plans and aspirations for the next five years) was revisited and the Parish Ordinand Dan Warnke and Churchwardens will produce a new draft later this year for review. It was noted that our congregation (and PCC) consists substantially of people who have been married here and who have continued to worship in and support our church.

Draft Annual Accounts have been submitted by our external examiner and a draft Annual Report prepared; these will be subject to PCC approval prior to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 6th April. Churchwardens, Deanery Synod representatives and PCC members have been duly nominated for election.

A comprehensive update of the Risk Register has provided a clear indicator of our priorities concerning the building and the activities associated with it. One such risk factor is the Tower, which last year required inspection with a view to high level repairs to the stonework. A structural engineer is carrying out a detailed survey and will report to the PCC in time for the next meeting.

* confirmed abstract

15th March at 6.05pm

JustShare event

'Is it safe to drink the water? Healthy humans and water justice' Speakers: Dr Lee Hooper, Prof Hugh Montgomery, chair Christine Hancock (founder and director of C3 Collaborating for Health)

Check Twitter for details here #HealthyWaterJustice

Watch a recording of the event here