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Previously at St Mary-le-Bow

News from the Parochial Church Council January 2016

At a recent meeting of the PCC, business transacted included the following

The Bishop’s Lent Appeal is always very well supported by St Mary-le-Bow. This year’s appeal will help Christians in the Middle East who are persecuted because of their faith;
all were content to support it.

The Rector gave a precis of the high-level damage to the stonework which occurred during a severe storm. All the stonework has been checked by our architect and declared
currently safe. The vast majority of the cost has been genrously covered by the City Churches Grants Committee and we will also receive a VAT rebate. The architect’s quinquennial report is due by May. Our insurers were informed and everything necessary has been done.

The PCC agreed to approve the Rector’s suggestion to apply to the Archdeacon and Diocesan Advisory Committee for permission to hang a peal board commemorating ringing for the 800th Lord Mayor's Show, a gift to the parish from the Show, and to apply for the installation of a digital peal board to display all future commemorations.

The PCC heard presentations from the Churchwardens about the recent Parish Questionnaire which was circulated to the Electoral roll and other members of the congregation.
There had been approximately a 50% response rate. Statistics were analysed and individual comments heard. Some recommendations will be explored for future event and
respondents will be informed of the findings. The PCC deemed the findings inconclusive.

Sarah Coakley 02

3rd February at 6.00pm

The Boyle Lecture 2016

This year's Boyle Lecture was given by Professor Sarah Coakley.

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A video will follow shortly

Phillip bust 01

The Admiral Phillip Commemoration

Born in Bread Street, within this parish, we commemorate Admiral Arthur Phillip, Founder and first Governor of Australia. This year's address was by Jonathan Betts MBE:

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listen to it here