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Previously at St Mary-le-Bow

July 2015

News from the Parochial Church Council July 2015

At a recent meeting of the PCC, business transacted included the following.

The Parish Safeguarding Audit (introduced by the diocese this year) has been completed. The PCC is grateful to Joanne Dempster for agreeing to become our church safeguarding officer.

The PCC agreed an increase in our Common Fund contribution to the diocese for 2016, in excess of what was requested: £66,000 plus some investment income.

An analysis has been undertaken of congregation numbers in the same month over three different years. Although overall numbers have decreased somewhat, this seems to be a reflection of members attending less often, rather than fewer people coming to church. Many City workers find themselves working from home and from a second office site now which makes regular attendance more difficult. Specific liturgies might encourage more people; this is a matter for ongoing scrutiny after analysis of the recent questionnaire sent to members of the Electoral Roll.

Three tenders for the contract to renovate the Vestry have been received. The PCC resolved to appoint a committee (comprising Churchwardens, Architect, Rector and the Archdeaconry Head of Operations) to make a choice of contractor in August. The project will create a mezzanine level in the current vestry space enabling the relocation of office facilities upstairs and a reception area and meeting room below.