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What is JustShare?

JustShare is a coalition of churches and development agencies which seeks to address the widening gap between rich and poor in the global economy.

JustShare encourages dialogue with banks and other institutions in the City of London in order to achieve positive change.

JustShare holds regular debates, training seminars and other events to promote justice for the poorest in the world, and a just share of the world's resources for all.

Videos of JustShare events are available on our YouTube channel. Click here:

What does it do?

MayDay 2008

Volunteers outside the Royal Exchange in the City of London campaigning on May Day, 2008

In a world of plenty, millions of people suffer poverty. JustShare is a coalition of churches, agencies and other bodies committed to global development and social justice, seeking to empower the world’s poorest communities and campaigning for a just share of the world’s resources for all.

Based at St Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside, JustShare has a unique niche in the City of London from which both to raise awareness of global economic injustice and to co-ordinate a response to it.