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Inspire Course


Exploring spirituality

The Inspire Course offers an opportunity to explore the spiritual riches of the Christian tradition and to begin to connect them to our own lives.

It is led by ordinary members of the congregation, not the clergy - although the support of a priest is always available. The course isn't doctrinal: no-one is expected to sign up to anything or even agree with anything.

At lunchtime over nine weeks, the Inspire course explores our spiritual experience in different areas of life, and offers practices and techniques to help us deepen that experience. It has now been run three times at St Mary-le-Bow, and been greatly appreciated by diverse participants.

If you're interested in attending, would like to know more about the course, or if you've got questions about any aspect of faith and spirituality, please email the Parish Office. The Inspire course is available to parishes for experimental use.

Practical spirituality inspired by the Christian tradition

Course Overview

Week 1: Awareness
Week 2: God
Week 3: Encounter
Week 4: New Life
Week 5: Inspiration
Week 6: Shine!
Week 7: Reflection
Week 8: Journeying out