Boyle Lecture 2011

TUesday 8th February 2011 at 6.15pm

at ST lawrence jewry

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lecturer: professor Jürgen Moltmann

Is the world unfinished?

On interactions between science and theology in the concepts of nature, time and the future

responder: professor Alan Torrance

Professor Torrance was born in 1956 and is Professor of Systematic Theology at St Mary's College of the University of St Andrews. He lectured at King's College London from 1993 to 1998, where he was also Director of the Research Institute in Systematic Theology. He previously lectured at Knox Theological Hall and the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

He is part of the Torrance family of Scottish Theologians. His uncle was Thomas F. Torrance, former Professor of Systematic Theology at New College, Edinburgh, who served as Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1976. His father, J.B. Torrance, was professor at Aberdeen and wrote the influential Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace. His cousin is Iain Torrance, President of Princeton Theological Seminary, and another former Moderator of the General Assembly. His cousin Iain's uncle, Ronald Wallace, was Professor of Biblical Theology at Columbia Theological Seminary.


Alan Torrance's teaching interests are primarily in the areas of philosophical and systematic theology, theological anthropology, the person and work of Christ, and theological ethics. He researches actively in the fields of Christology, the social implications of the doctrine of reconciliation, theological epistemology and theories of time. In July 2007 he and Professor Eric Priest FRS were awarded £65,300 by the Templeton Foundation to promote a major series of lectures on science and religion in St Andrews.

The 2011 Boyle Lecture took place on the 8th February at St Lawrence Jewry