Boyle Lecture 2006

the emergence of spirit: from complexity to anthropology to theology

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responder: professor niels gregersen

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Niels Gregersen is Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Copenhagen. He holds a PhD from the University of Copenhagen, and was Research Professor in Theology and Science at Aarhus University before taking up his present appointment. His primary research fields are systematic theology and science and religion. He has co-edited The Concept of Nature in Science and Theology; Rethinking Theology and Science - Six Models for the Current Dialogue; Design and Disorder - Perspectives from Science & Theology; From Complexity to Life - On the Emergence of Life and Meaning; and The Future of Lutheran Theology.

Professor Gregersen represents the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark in the Council of the Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, and is chairman of the Ecumenical Institute in Strasbourg.